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Aanchal By Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi

Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi Ki Pedaish November 20, 1916 Ko Anga Goan of Khushab District in India Mian Hoi. He was died on July 10, 2006. His books were as below,
Jalal O Jamal, Shola-i-Gul, Kisht-i-Wafa.
Short story:
Chopaal, Sannata, Kapaas ka Phool, Aabley, Tuloo O Gharoob, Sailab O Gardab, Anchal, Ghar Se Ghar Tak, Nila Pathar, Dawam-dar-o-deewar, Bazar E Hayat, Aas Paas, Joota.

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